Application of the Android System

An overview of Android OS


The Android OS is an operating system owned by Google, with the primary objective to be the most efficient OS for the growing smartphone market. Did you know that Android Inc. was originally founded in 2003 and bought by Google in 2005.  Since then, Google spearheaded the project and involved gadget and component manufacturers, providers of software solutions and platforms, and marketing executives.

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Web Development and the Importance of Storage System

The Internet serves millions of people in different ways in the conduct of their businesses, organizations, communication and leisure.  Since almost everyone stays connected, reaching out to potential clients with the use of websites and other multimedia resources is the norm these days. For web developers, this means that websites are not only the ones being used for e-commerce, there are more demands for social network services and web-based Internet applications that are being utilized.

Web development has become a huge industry, with a very high demand since the usefulness of web presence has been realized. Just like other industries, when there is a need, there will be suppliers available. Thus, there are a number of web development companies providing solutions for web design, web management, and other web services.

In building a web development company, it is necessary to hire a team of hard-working and efficient web specialists. The demand for people with the expertise in the use of different web development tools such as HTML, DOM, Java Script and platforms like Linux, Android, Mac OS, and Windows OS, is also high, since web development today is highly technical and must be conformant to all devices as well, not just desktop computers. LAMP, Microsoft Expression Studio, Web Dev, and Adobe Dreamweaver are just a few examples of the software being used today.

Apart from the software used in creating web applications, secure yet accessible storage is also indispensable in running a web development company. Physical storage devices can be used, but there are some instances that these devices get easily corrupted. Thus, companies that offer storage services are recommended.

Storage companies are not just limited to cloud storage services. In this company, computer backup and file sharing are also offered. Utility storage such as this one is known to be very efficient, safe, and accessible. Also, the platform is very user-friendly that it does not take rocket science for a regular person to understand.

A very good web development company knows how to utilize all the available resources. Most of these resources are costly, but these are investments that will help them be on top of things and be at par or better than competition. Expert use of these tools and platforms assure clients that their services are reliable and stable.

Things Every Effective Business Website Should (Not) Have

The changing facets of business today can be attributed to a single driving giant force – the Internet. You wouldn’t see top brands and companies without stylish, modern, and updated websites. Their online presence is also noticeable as they take advantage of social media sites, email, and other advertising platforms.

The thing about business websites is it can either make or break your business. No client will want a scattered, poorly designed website. If you are a client looking for, let’s say a great roofing service provider, you would look for portfolios, testimonials, price, location, and other relevant information. These information should then be easily accessible on your website. An effective business website has the following elements that make them a favorite among clients:

Great Web Design

What makes a web design great? First and foremost, it has great content. A great content is excellently written, gives relevant information, and does not include rubbish overadvertising. Users won’t appreciate a website that overly sells the product without giving valuable information first. You can make your website more credible by setting up a blog that provides users tips and guides related to the product or services you offer. An internet marketing agency can create a great web design for you.

Excellent Portfolio/Product Display

Every user will appreciate a good display of your past accomplishments or products. If you own an online fashion shop, make sure your products are beautifully displayed. Take excellent shots of your clothes; make sure they’re appealing to the eye. This is the same for all products. You can’t present shabby-looking products and expect your sales to skyrocket. If you offer services, present a portfolio of your finished projects and this will surely impress your potential clients.


Infomercials, much like TV commercials, are short clips that showcase your product or service. They can be short form or long form depending on your purpose. These commercials should have your company’s details at the end because the goal is to get more viewers to buy your product or service. Websites that have professional infomercials seem more credible and serious about their business. If you don’t have the resources to create an infomercial on your own, you can contact DRTV agencies that offer full service from script to filming.

Cutting-edge SEO Techniques

Of course for your website to be effective it needs to be SEO optimized. The art of optimizing websites for search engines is ever changing. What worked in 2006 does not work anymore. For example, meta tag stuffing will not only fail but may hurt your website. Search engines despise sites with stuffed keywords so watch out. You can instead just focus on providing great content for your readers, insert one or two keywords, then you’re good to go. Google is especially keen on prioritizing websites that (1) has a lot of back links and (2) has relevant, credible content.

Keep Those Loud Ads Away

This is extremely important. Avoid placing annoying pop-ups or banners that has annoying music and annoying text and annoying design. These adverts are absolute killers and will almost surely hurt your business. Nobody wants them, so keep them away.

SEO: The Secret to Your Business’ Success

In today’s world, businessmen need to make it a point to actually invest in web marketing. This is because virtually everyone now looks up products and services on the web before they actually buy or avail of them. It’s really sad that some businessmen, especially the older ones, tend to discredit web marketing and view it as something that’s just wasteful. There could be nothing farther from the truth. If you want your business to survive, you need to make sure that you adopt sound web marketing strategies.

The good news for businessmen is that web marketing is only as expensive as one wants it to be. There are many web marketing strategies that a business can utilize, but the most cost-effective among these strategies happens to be SEO. Although it’s still better to utilize a combination of web marketing strategies, utilizing SEO is enough to garner a lot of page views for your business’ website.

So many businesses all over the world have been able to benefit greatly from SEO. One of these businesses happens to be Banc de Binary. Sure, Banc de Binary trades may be more profitable because the brokerage offers clients services that aim to improve their trading success in the FOREX (e.g. binary options trading signals), but the quality of the brokerage’s services isn’t enough to actually get many newbies trading binary options with the brokerage. The truth is that Banc de Binary owes its success in getting so many new clients regularly to its hired SEO experts.

How exactly do SEO experts help out companies? SEO experts help companies out by utilizing certain web marketing tools and techniques that end up increasing the search engine rankings of companies. If you didn’t know, having first page rankings on search engine results pages can mean the difference between getting a lot of new customers or not getting enough of them. Even if the brokerage offers the best services to its clients, it still wont end up gaining as many customers as the brokerage who has first page rankings. This is how important SEO is.

The best thing about SEO is that it is very affordable. Even the best SEO experts are more than willing to offer their services at very reasonable rates. It’s really just a matter of finding the right SEO expert to help you with your business’ marketing strategy.

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about another aspect of web marketing that should never be ignored by business owners: web design. Although businesses could get away with employing bad design back in the early days of the world wide web, this isn’t the case anymore. The consumers of today are more discerning and will only deal with businesses who have websites that employ great web design. Web design isn’t all about aesthetics, though. Want to know more about the other important aspects of web design? Then do make it a point to visit our website again tomorrow. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot from tomorrow’s post.

The Importance of SEO to Your Business

SEO should be a core component of your business’ online marketing strategy. Unless you make it so, you are going to end up doing yourself a big disservice. In today’s world, consumers make it a point to look up products and services online. Unless your business’ website is the first thing they see on SERPs, your business is going to lose out so many potential customers to your competitors who have a better online presence. In this post, I am going to talk about how one binary options brokerage, Banc de Binary, is able to greatly benefit from SEO services. Through their use of SEO, so many people from all over the world now create a Banc de Binary account every day.

When one views the Banc de Binary website, one will see that it is very well-designed and fully functional. The brokerage’s clients are able to do binary options trading on the brokerage’s website in an optimal manner thanks to the brokerage’s amazing website. However, even though Banc de Binary has an amazing website, so many people from all over the world wouldn’t have ended up being their customers had they not employed SEO strategies. In today’s world, first page rankings are just as important as the quality of one’s services.

Just how does Banc de Binary use SEO strategies? Banc de Binary actually just hires external SEO experts. These SEO experts are able to increase the brokerage’s website’s search engine rankings by creating high-quality content for the brokerage and by using keyword linking (of course, this isn’t all there is to SEO). Anyhow, just by availing of very affordable SEO services, Banc de Binary is able to attain first page rankings easily.

The best thing about SEO is that it can be as affordable as one wants it to be. Even very small businesses can make use of SEO strategies without having to spend a lot of money. This is because SEO experts are more than willing to lower their fees depending on their clients. If one really wants to save on SEO expenses, then one can just learn SEO by themselves. Of course, such an option often proves time-consuming for business owners. Whatever the case may be, your business needs to employ SEO strategies if you want it to stay on top. In today’s world, the smallest businesses can go toe-to-toe with the biggest businesses, and this is made possible by the open nature of SEO.

Hopefully, this post of mine gets businesses to really think about their online marketing strategy. If your business’ online marketing strategy doesn’t employ SEO, then you are surely going to be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors.

Tomorrow, we are going to talk about the importance of employing great web design to your business’ online presence. Great web design must go hand-in-hand with great SEO practices. Should your business lack either, you are not going to do well when it comes to handling your online presence. So please, do visit our site again tomorrow to know more about the importance of great web design.

Portrait of a happy romantic couple outdoors.

Hormone Balancing is Essential for Communication in the Body

Portrait of a happy romantic couple outdoors.If there is one thing that has to be done in the communication process it will involve making sure that all parties in a form of interaction will be able to get in touch with one another. A strong sense of communication is needed in all cases in order to make it easier for anything to be run properly.

For instance, a website needs to have all of its parts capable of communicating with one another in order to make the process of getting a site running to be easy to manage. The human body needs all of its parts to function just as well so it will be easier for the body to stay healthy and in control.

People often use many things to make it easier for their bodies to feel active in terms of how communications work. For instance, hearing aids OrangeCounty from places like can help people to understand sounds and to keep from struggling with communication issues.

In addition, some people use exercise but at the same time it is often a challenge for some people to feel to benefits that come with hormones. Hormone balancing is often used to improve the body and to keep all of its parts from struggling as it makes it easier for the body to communicate with others.

Hormones Work in Many Forms

The fact about hormone balancing as covered in is that hormones are made to work in a variety of forms. These include hormones that are made to handle functions like controlling the symptoms that a person feels. For instance, estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that are often used in hormone balancing procedures. These two hormones are essential as a person who struggles with them may be more likely to suffer from menopause and mood swings.

In addition, hormones have to work well to control energy reserves in the body. A person whose hormones are not functioning right may suffer from fatigue and a general sense of lethargy due to being unable to manage certain functions.

A lack of communication between hormones can be harmful to the body. It makes it easier for the body to wear out and struggle with how it feels. It has to be kept in check with a better sense of support to prevent such issues from being worse than they could be.

Hormones Can Be Added

Hormones are often added in many forms to make it easier for patients to feel healthy and to be in control of who they are. These are often added through medications, patches and other commonly used compounds. These have to be added appropriately to make it easier for the body to stay in control of itself and less likely to wear out. This must all be used appropriately to ensure that there will be no serious issues within one’s body to keep it capable of communicating with all its parts.

The most important point is that the hormones will be able to communicate with one another as usual to regulate functions within the human body. This could prove to be the most important advantage to handle as it will show that the body is capable of feeling healthy and in control of whatever it is trying to go through at a certain time.


Hormone control is more than just something that makes the hormones get in touch with each other. It is also to improve the overall condition of the human body. This is a necessity for all sorts of medical and mental purposes that has to be used carefully as it relates to the way how communication is to work for anyone’s needs.


What are the benefits of plastic surgery?

plasticsurgeryPlastic surgery has been an embattled medical field ever since its rise to popularity in the late 80′s and to the present day. Some believe that plastic surgery is reserved for the exploits of narcissistic folks while others realize the true physical and mental benefits to the different available procedures. The truth is that plastic surgery can offer many benefits to the patient that undergoes it outside of simple aesthetic improvements.

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are as many different potential operations as there are people who need them. For those that are staring down the possibility of suffering from a rehabilitating disease like diabetes, a simple tummy tuck can go a long way towards alleviating that concern. Removing fat cells from the abdomen leads to a reduction in the hormones that cause diabetes in folks. A slimmer body, one that is suffering less stressor, will have a much healthier existence.

We can also look at breast reduction procedures to help alleviate sufferers of back pain or even procedures done on the nose to help the patient breath better. All of the aforementioned procedures offer immediate physical benefits but the mental benefit will last forever. A person that is not afraid or ashamed of their body will take better care of it. This mental self-esteem boost can be integral in the overall mental health of a patient.

So as one can see, there are many reasons to consider going under the knife to alleviate some physical and mental issues. Plastic surgery can be a viable way to improve in both physical and mental ways and is more available than ever.

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Common SEO Mistakes With A Case Study

People say that SEO is overrated or that keywords are a thing of the past. Well, all the evidence suggests that this couldn’t be further from the truth and instead SEO is alive and well in 2014.

We are going to look at some common SEO related mistakes that we see every day while using an Apple iPhone jailbreaking website as a case study. We find that using a case study is popular in these circumstances and that people respond to actual examples. So, if you have a site regardless of whether it is selling shoes or is an Apple iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking service what SEO mistakes are you making?

Not Making Use Of Tags

When you post a blog update or new content it is important to make use of h1, h2 and h3 tags.

Many people ignore this however Google will follow these tags to see how relevant content is and if it is optimized. So for our iPhone jailbreak example we have uploaded a new blog post called ‘Essential things to know about Apple iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking’. Within the post out h1 tag is the title itself, h2 can be ‘What is iPhone jailbreaking?’ h3 is ‘How to jailbreaking the iPhone 5′ etc… See how we are targeting long tail keywords but optimizing them with h tags? This is what Google likes and your sites’ SEO will improve dramatically.

Stuffing Your Keywords

So you set up an iPhone jailbreaking website. You find some keywords to put in and you create some content. All good? Well, not exactly. Basically the keywords should flow naturally in the content and shouldn’t be stuffed in.

For example you find that ‘iPhone 5 jailbreaking’, ‘iPhone unlocking’, ‘Apple jailbreak’ are all good keywords to have however you write a blog post and then start stuffing these 3 keywords in numerous times throughout the text. That might have worked in 2007 but it won’t in 2014. Google likes people to create quality content and that is what you should be focusing on. Content and smart keywords are mutually exclusive and one is not more important than the other.

Duplicate Content

We don’t mean stealing content here that is on other websites rather we mean duplicate content on your own site.

Say you have a blog post about how jailbreaking the Apple iPhone 5 gives you access to Cydia with some examples. However, the same text appears on another page on your site that lists features of iPhone jailbreaking and its benefits. Google will penalize you for this. Even though the content is your own Google will look at it as duplicate content and hit your site hard. So ensure that your text is unique on all pages and blog posts.

Building a site is fairly easy but it is SEO that is the difficult part. Hopefully our example of Apple iPhone jailbreaking has helped to illustrate some dodgy and downright bad SEO practices that many sites continue to use.

Be smart about your SEO and Google will reward you with traffic and people will find your site at the top of the rankings.


3 Effective Web Design Ideas For Greater Sales

salesAs business owners hand in the responsibility of making the product or service idea seem larger than life and extremely must have to the target audience, marketers and web designers usually end up in a fix.

It becomes difficult on how to deliver unique and persuasive content for mundane or everyday usage items such as a drilling machine. However, creativity is just what these businessmen are paying for. Here are some of the tested techniques that are bound to create an impressive web design that is able to attract the target audience of any given product along with high probability of conversions-

1) Use Appealing Visuals-

It has been proved via different studies that the human brain responds more actively and affirmatively to visual probes rather than plain text or blocks of writing. If the visual created is catchy, vibrant and just what attracts the target audience, chances are that the web design would click with the client. For example, a product like 20x25x4 air filters (click here to learn more), need exceptional creativity for attracting the right target audience and converting it into sales.

2) Focus on Clarity of the Message-

Web designs that revolve around vague ideas and concepts are most likely to get rejected. The website must be influential and happening in order to send across a positive vibe to its visitor which would then be converted to a positive feeling towards the product or service that is being promoted on the website. Any reader would want to know exactly what the product is, why is it there and how can it facilitate his/her personal needs in the best possible manner. Thus, KISS is the way- Keep it Simple Straight- no jargons or hefty tagline whatsoever.

3) Increase Size Ratio of Key Product-

The first thing that attracts the viewer from amongst the many visuals available is the size of it. Open up several images at a time on one screen and automatically the response towards the largest would come first. Therefore, on the landing page increase the size of the main product/service/message that needs to go out to the viewer most importantly. This can prove to be a great catch, as it is in the given microseconds that the viewer decides to stay or leave. Size ratio is one of the detrimental factors when drawing attention.

Responsive web design in electronic devices vector eps10

Web Design Made Easy

Responsive web design in electronic devices vector eps10What was once new, and then became old, very often becomes new again. You see it in fashion, toys and even homewares. Just as the market and current tastes dictate trends and followings, so do the needs of the online world necessitate that patterns change to suit the current environment. Whilst web design had its origins as a simple means of creating pages for uploading to the web, it then went through an extended period of flashy images and animated gifs, to name a few. Now, with search engine focus on user relevance more so than ever, website design is trending back to the basics of design simplicity that emphasizes great viewer content.


Effective Website Design

So often we talk about what’s new in the world of web development, design and technology, but what we tend to do is overlook the basics, even when they are glaring at us directly from the page we are viewing. In case you haven’t noticed, the trend in the last 12 months has been for websites to leave behind the beautiful looking designs that have everything on the pages glowing, blinking or popping. As impressive as our friends might find such a ‘cool’ looking site, the search engines are not so friendly towards us and have made it quite clear that they are now penalizing such ‘artistry’ that does nothing to give the site visitors what they want…content that satisfies their queries.


If your site is one that has all the bells and whistles, then you may just be in for a shock the next time you check on your latest ranking. Sites that are slow to load, are low in relevance, and thin on content can forget about being found on any of the top level search pages. Sites now need to be responsive to meet the needs of the mobile community, and their design needs to be simple and easy to navigate so that the consumer has instant access to information without having to spend 10 minutes digging around for it amongst a sea of confusion.


A Great Web Design Example

If you’re searching for an example of such a clean looking site, the Aerial Lift Pros website is one which epitomizes the basis of this discussion. It is simple, clean, easy to navigate, and you know in an instant exactly what the site is providing. I would recommend any company offering a service to follow the basic design used by this company. It is the best way to get your message across to people searching for your company – you don’t need all the bells and whistles!


Do What Works

If you are serious about your online presence, then you need to stay on top of the current ‘rules of the game’, and simply give the online environment what it needs. Do what works today rather than spend money on what was appealing several years ago. The most effective web design is that which is relevant today. Not only will this increase the importance of your website, it will make your website design efforts even easier than you may have initially believed.

Designing Great Mobile Websites

The art of web design has significantly changed over the past decade, and one of the factors that significantly contributed to this is the rise of mobile technology. Because most people now access the internet primarily through their mobile devices, website owners now need to take into account whether their website is suitable for mobile devices. Not doing so could lead to any business losing much of their website audience. The reason why I am actually writing this post is to talk about the importance of employing great web design for mobile sites. To illustrate my point, I am going to talk about Banc de Binary’s mobile website and how I am able to receive binary options trading signals and take advantage of other amazing features through it. By doing so, I hope to prove helpful to many business owners out there who want to make the most of what the web can offer them.

There are many ways a website can tackle the issue of mobile web usage. For some companies, creating a separate mobile website is their way of addressing it; for others, creating a single website that works well both on mobile and non-mobile devices is the solution. Banc de Binary subscribes to the former. Of course, some people might think that separate mobile websites don’t offer the full range of features non-mobile websites do. The thing is, if you employ great web design, you will be able to make a mobile website that offers the same features as its non-mobile counterpart. Banc de Binary’s website is an example of such a website. Banc de Binary’s mobile website provides a trading platform that has the same features as its non-mobile counterpart. Through Banc de Binary’s mobile trading platform, I can do trades at any time, check the status of the current market, and of course, receive trading signals for when I’m making crucial trades.

Banc de Binary’s mobile website is so good that it’s no wonder all the banc de binary reviews out there all say that it is currently the best binary options brokerage in the world. With Banc de Binary, clients are not able to miss making crucial trades because it has a mobile website the works much better compared to the mobile websites of other binary options brokerages.

“Any business website where one can make online transactions has to have a mobile website where one can avail of the business’ full range of services. Not having one can spell disastrous results for a business. As the world’s population gets older, we can definitely expect all businesses to focus more on their online presence. And one of the ways they can do this is by having a website that has a great, functional design,” David Neumeier, a tech writer for TIMEZ Magazine, told us.

If you own a start-up and are about to start operating a website for your business, you really need to be mindful of your mobile audience. Not doing so might mean you losing much profit in the long run. Obviously, no business owner wants to experience this.

medical product

Importance of Client-Friendly Websites to Medical Products And Services

medical productBuilding a website has never been easy with today’s technology. There are tens and hundreds of methods you can use to create your own website and be highly visible in the World Wide Web. One of the most common platforms is to contact a web designer, either from a certain company or a freelance one and in no time, you will have your own website. All you need at this point is to apply techniques to get your site on the first pages of search engines. In fact, websites are not only used to convey information. Many experts and professionals from different fields also utilize this tool to gain more popularity, more clients and a stronger reputation.

I’ve been a freelance web designer for about 3 years now but prior to that, I was working in a marketing/publishing company which provides web designing services. These long years exposed to various clients who have different needs and I personally witnessed how certain web designing techniques greatly helped in promoting their products and services. In my observation, medical professionals who seek web designing services are fastly multiplying, mainly because many of them are starting to realize the effectiveness of having a client-friendly website to their career. One effective example would be the medical group specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement in Dallas. They seem to know what a good website should contain, because the moment they contacted me for web designing, they immediately asked their website to have an online chat service and a friendly FAQ page like

The website has been a great success and the next email I received from this medical group was their detailed description of how the online chat service, which is a very effective communication tool, helped them acquire more clients and patients. Apparently, some people don’t consider this service as a vital one; they often consider it as a mere addition to expenses since you have to hire customer service agents to reply on inquiries and chats. However, if you’ll take a look at the bigger picture you will realize that it has more positive effects in the long run than what most web owners expect. While an easy-to-skim website is important, it’s also wise to include tools that will highlight how you value to your potential clients.

This is exactly what another client of mine wanted to happen. He’s an ENT expert and sells hearing aids Orange County and other nearby areas. He already owns a website but he admitted that it doesn’t help him much in communicating with his patients and showcasing hi products. With a sample site like, we were able to agree on all aspects and his website was finished in no time; and just other medical professionals who contact reliable web designers, this Ears, Nose & Throat expert was also able to benefit from this generation’s technology. Now, their websites are not only for providing information. They can also use it to specify the areas and patients they cater and to build their reputation and improve their track record.

Great Minnesota Content Marketing Campaigns

There’s a perception around the marketing industry that content marketing is just a new word for link building. This may be the case in some examples, but for a real marketing effort content marketing is a style of marketing that adds value to the lives of followers and fans.

There are many examples of this here in Minnesota that we will look at. First, we will look at the legendary First Avenue night club, then the Mall of America and finally the University of Minnesota itself.

First Avenue Music Venue

You’d think that a hot nightclub just sells itself with promises of booze, hot music and hotter women, but ask any night club promoter and they’ll tell you differently. It takes the same kind of hard work and ongoing promotion as any other business.

The traditional way to promote a night club is by getting a bunch of sexy people to walk around town to hand out flyers, as well as getting those folks on bikes to do paste ups all over. This style of marketing can work for last second decisions, but it doesn’t create much of a lasting message – once the night is over and the flyer is torn down, your marketing dollars are gone.

The team over at First Avenue have started an ongoing music and nightlife blog. On it they profile bands that have played there, preview upcoming concerts and post videos of the bands they feature. At the bottom of each post you’ll see a “Recommended If You Like” section that lets readers know a bit more about the post by comparing it to other interests they may have.

This accomplishes many things:

  • potential visitors get a more complete picture of what to expect

  • bands receive free promotion and will likely share this with their fans

  • other promotional aspects can be incorporated – social media sites are linked to at the bottom of each post, along with newsletter subscription and email addresses

  • links to buying tickets are at the bottom of each post

These are the benefits of online content marketing that do not exist in the traditional print world. You can put a flyer up on the wall with your email and social media, but it will not be easily connected to their computer or mobile device – it’s on a wall!

Mall of America

The Mall of America is a world class shopping destination, what do they need a content marketing plan for? To stay a world class shopping destination, of course!

They have a blog about deals and sales, which is pretty standard nowadays. Their Instagram account, however, is a lot of fun. They allow all sorts of photos to be shared on it:

This is the kind of content marketing that gives people a real view of what life is like during a typical day at the mall – beyond the runway models and carefully choreographed messages. The key behind this is that some of this content is just the kind that people like to share with their friends – free promotion!

University of Minnesota

You’re suppose to ‘sell’ a university through the well educated minds that have passed through it previously, the shots of well manicured lawns amidst historic buildings and the promise of the professors within those walls enriching young minds.

The University of Minnesota’s YouTube channel turns all of that on its head with interesting content that brings in all kinds of new visitors. They have two particularly well known pieces of content, a flash mob and a Science of Watchmen video. These two videos have over 4 million views between them. You can bet that many of those views were from people who had never heard of UMN before.

In addition to these videos, they have the standard ‘life around campus’ type of stuff under their “UMNproud” hashtag that will be interesting to those who are specifically looking to apply to them, a campus tour without leaving home!

Content building is much more than link building

The examples above are all fine examples of people using content marketing for something far beyond link building and SEO – they’re using it for relationship building between customer and business.

If your content marketing plan is all about getting a link or two here and there you are missing out. Plan for relationships to be built with your content and you’ll be building something much more valuable than a link.


On the Advancement of the Communication Revolution and its Effects on Academia

commThe Internet keeps taking its steady strides, for good or for bad depending on how you feel about all that comes with new technology. Like everything else, the Internet does indeed come with a great number of negatives – we’ve seen a new widespread access to illegal drugs, hateful propaganda such as racism and sexism, and to the deepest, darkest underbelly of humanity.

The Good, the Bad, and the Human
Personally, I have a hard time seeing the communications revolution of the past twenty-odd years as anything but amazing as a whole. I once heard someone saying that it’s not really surprising the Internet has brought on all these things – it simply brings out all facets of our world, and the darkness is without a doubt part of it. Much like if you go to New York City, you’ll likely to find some horrible human beings around, you’ll have found the same on the Internet – and in both cases it’s as simple as both worlds being big enough to contain some darkness.

But in both examples, New York and the Internet, you’ll also run into some amazing people. The Internet has the power to help us find these people like never before, and of helping these people inspire others. I would say that if you need growth as a human being – which, frankly, we all do, albeit to varying degrees – the Internet is just the place to go, not the place to hide from.
As for how far the modern era of communication has succeeded ininspiringpeople to advance themselves, it’s really not surprising how more and more facets of academia keep using the Internet in order to help students grow – both when it comes to their field of study and where it simply comes to being human. The Internet helps us connect to each other regardless of superficial details, in a way that we’ve never been able to connect before.

The Growing Problem of Misinformation on the Internet
But alongside the widespread use of the Internet in academia and in both private and state sponsored education, another issue comes up for discussion. Just as the Internet is an amazing tool for spreading science, literacy and knowledge about the world, it is also quite an amazing tool for spreading some severely damaging information. Yes, the Internet truly is a powerful source of misinformation, with everything from fake news stories and misattributed quotes to photoshopped celebrity photos.
The big problemof course isn’t fake celebrity stories – few people are severely affected by believing a certain celebrity did or did not get a Botox shot. The big problem comes with severe misinformation concerning science or health, an issue which is quickly becoming rampant throughout the digital realm.

The Relevance of Math and Science
I’m not one for blocking or censoring information, regardless of how moronic some pages may be. The solution to these problems isn’t with censorship, but rather with education – if people are educated enough in areas such as fundamental scientific theory and basic math, they are also much harder to fool. The problem with lack of education in areas such as math and science has long been a major problem, which is only recently getting a lot of attention that might actually go a long way solving it.
Education is still too expensive for all too many individuals throughout the world, and unfortunately especially so for those who need it the most – an underprivileged lower class. In many cases even kids who have a strong will to go on to study in high school or college simply can’t afford it, and are forced to forget about any ambitions for higher educations. In recent years, however, we’ve started seeing a vast increase in privately sponsored high school scholarships. One recent example is the Minds Inspired program, created by among others mr.Kenneth Dart (see more here: Kenneth Dart), in an attempt to help inspire the world’s future in math and science education. The scholarship, which is led by the Dart Group, owned by Ken Dart, was first given out in 2012 and later expanded in 2013 in an effort to further help those in need of support to go where they most want to go.
There are many examples of this,which gives indication of what is being done to fix these problems before they become too widespread to handle. It’s sad to see how an amazing resource like the Internet can actually be the source for so much misinformation, and one can only hope that we can solve these issues and actually get to use the resource for what it really is for – information.